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“The team from SimplyHR Solutions has been partnering with us for over 9 months now and during this period we have found their expertise of immense value in streamlining our key HR processes. They have brought about a renewed focus towards Performance Management and Employee Engagement. And lately, we have benefited hugely with the rollout of their in-house developed HR portal, Simpli! This tool has connected the team members at Images at a different level all together”

Mr. Amitabh Taneja
Chairman & Managing Director, Images Group

“We have been engaged with SimplyHR for last 3.5 years now and its been an amazing journey together. Premas was a startup and like any other venture had its share of HR related blues and was struggling with a lot of disarray and burnout of employees. SimplyHR team came in with a wiff of fresh air & soothing influence on the otherwise stressed team. Premas employees connected with SimplyHR team very well and opened up to share their woes, issues quite freely without any fear of being targeted. This dissipated a lot of anxiety and led to a better and performing workplace at Premas.

SimplyHR team has a perfect balance to look at both Employee welfare and management interest and is never shy of trying out new and innovative ideas or giving candid feedbacks.

Keep it up guys and I wish SimplyHR becomes the benchmark of the industry.”

Mr. Praveen Gupta
Founder & Executive Director, Premas Life Sciences
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