Compensation is an area that attracts the maximum attention of the employees. An effective compensation management and benefit program is one that reduces the operational efforts and maximizes the monetary gains.

While compensation management is usually seen as one of the most monotonous and unexciting jobs and thus receives a very limited dose of innovation and attention from the employers, it is the subject of utmost curiosity and importance for an employee.

We believe that if compensation management is well structured and understood completely by individuals, it can be the key differentiator between companies and serve as a strategic advantage. A nice blend of fixed and flexible, monthly and annual components, confirmed and performance linked pay can bring out a structure that is addressed to the needs of individuals as well as the organization and yet remains SIMPLE.

One of the integral parts of Compensation is Payroll management. Timely and accurate salary processing and due statutory compliances is a basic hygiene that an organization is expected to follow.

We hereby offer you a complete payroll management outsourcing model which not only takes care of managing the monthly payroll process for your employees but also helps you reducing the routine transactional queries. We manage the payroll management function in complete totality – monthly processing of salaries and reimbursements, generation of various statutory reports, compliance management related to PF, ESI, Income Tax etc. and an online platform for individual query resolution. Our experienced payroll experts are available to you, to understand your requirements and offer efficient and workable solutions for your business in the area of Payroll management.