Give your business the Online Attendance Management System advantage

Clock in and clock out

Clock In and Clock Out

Our Employee Attendance Management Software enables HR teams to seamlessly monitor and track Employees clocking in and out, registering break periods either via keycards or online attendance functionality whilst minimizing opportunities for ‘proxy’ attendance.

Leave management

Leave Management

SimpliLite’s Employee Attendance System is designed with a robust leave management module that automatically triggers an alert to apply for leave if any employee has not registered their attendance on the system.

Payroll integration

Payroll Integration

Compensation and benefits calculations become more streamlined when the payroll management is integrated with the attendance software that automatically considers the number of days that the Employee has worked.

Calendar integration

Calendar Integration

You can sync in digital calendars including Google, Outlook and more with our online attendance management system that lets Employees in the organization look into their colleague’s availability via a shared calendar system.

Automated communications

Automated Communications

SimpliLite’s Attendance Management Software can enable communication by accessing control devices and time attendance regularly, without having to carry out anything aspect of this process manually.

Notifications and alerts

Notifications and Alerts

Our cloud-based Employee Attendance System triggers automatic notifications and alerts to Employees on important events that ensure maximum attendance.

Employee self service

Employee Self-Service

Our self-service functionality is a standout module in our attendance software that enables Employees to clock in or log in their attendance, apply for leave and correct attendance records using an app or web-based Attendance Management System.

Advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

SimpliLite’s Attendance Management Platform offers granular visibility on the attendance patterns of your Employees with the integration of advanced analytics delivering actionable insights.

Our Employee Attendance Management System gives your business the competitive edge

SimpliLite’s all-in-one Attendance Management Software simplifies your HR operations Turbo charge your HR into the future by integrating our online attendance management system with your business.


Authentic and Accurate

Our automated attendance management systems have eliminated human errors or proxy attendance issues with reliable and accurate employee attendance data. Attendance information is available in real-time minimizing the chances of employee interference with the platform.


Increased Productivity

Manually tracking employee attendance can be time consuming and tedious when calculating the salary leading to a high risk of payroll errors. With SimpliLite’s online attendance management system, HR teams can save significant time and the chances of errors. Moreover, the time saved can be directed towards working to reach business goals and increase productivity.


Minimise Attrition

Employee attrition is a massive challenge for companies which can be efficiently managed with the integration of our employee attendance system. HR teams can access real-time data to track absenteeism or tardiness enabling them to identify more productive and performance oriented employees accurately.


Cost Reduction

Our attendance software is designed to be a cost-effective solution for businesses. Organisations implementing this platform can save on volumes of paperwork, time and effort that reduce overall operational expenditures for the business. Moreover, being a cloud-based platform, there is no need to invest in additional infrastructure to deploy the solution.


Legal Compliance

Manual attendance tracking can increase the chances of human errors which can result in costly legal issues and litigations in the future for organisations. Installing SimpliLite’s cloud-based employee attendance management system makes sure that attendance data is captured accurately, and all regulatory compliances and labour laws are satisfied.

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