Give your business the edge in Employee Management

Employee database management

Employee Database Management

You can now bring all your Employee related information across departments, region, and business entities together. Store the info in a unified database with our Employee Database Management module, a key functionality of SimpliLite’s Employee Monitoring Software.

Employment application tracking

Employment Application Tracking

Our Employee Management Systems comes with a dedicated feature that allows you to track candidate applications and follows it through with a personalized onboarding experience for new hires.

Time and attendance monitoring

Time and Attendance Monitoring

SimpliLite has designed a module in the Employee Monitoring Software that enables businesses to track Employee working hours and manages attendance and leave data. This automates and streamlines the time management operations.

Payroll management

Payroll Management

Our Employee Management Software is equipped to deliver a payroll management module that allows HR teams to accurately calculate Employee work efforts by accessing real-time insights.

Performance management

Performance Management

We offer a robust performance management feature with our Employee Management Systems that lets your HR team run regular checks on performance reviews and meet the needs of your business.

Learning management

Learning Management

Chart out a growth path for your Employees with our learning management functionality that supports your workforce with flexible training and development programmes.

Employee self-service

Employee Self-Service

Empower your Employees to complete basic HR compliances such as HR documentation, access relevant files, and view information related to their health insurance and payroll 24×7 with the Employee self-service options.

People analytics

People Analytics

Improve your Employee Management Capabilities and understand Employee expectations better with access to real-time analytics and insights with our people analytics module.

Our Employee Management Software gives your business the competitive edge

SimplyLite’s Employee Management Systems empower your business to do more in much less time. Enjoy a range of benefits by integrating our EMS with your business.

secure-employee- information

Secure Employee Information

A massive increase in cybercrimes especially on HR data encouraged SimpliLite’s EMS to be designed and developed to keep confidential information secure and safe. We use a range of best-in-class measures like multi-factor authentication and data encryption to keep the data protected 24x7.


Increase Workflow Efficiency

It is tedious and time consuming to keep a record and manage day-to-day attendance and related activities of employees for HR teams manually. SimpliLite’s Employee Monitoring Software automates these processes that increase tracking accuracy and boost overall workflow efficiency.


Boost Employee Engagement

Elevate the standard of your employee experience with our EMS which comes with built-in tools like performance management, pulse surveys and more to engage employees across their organisational lifecycle. You can establish goals, offer periodic feedback, and help them chart out a path to success within the business.


Ensures Business Compliance

Every business has to be cognizant of its compliance and regulatory requirements. Our Employee Management Systems enable organisations to capture, document, analyze and report employee information and provide the data to auditors as and when needed.


Informed Decision-Making

Metrics and trends offer a key advantage of integrating our Employee Management Software. These insights help businesses gain access to relevant information and reports which result in better decision making for the organization.

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