Access the best HR Software that offers limitless possibilities for your business

Recruitment and onboarding

Recruitment and Onboarding

Save up to 90% of the time for recruitment and onboarding new hires with SimpliLite’s HR Software that comes with the applicant tracking system, automate bulk hiring options, AI-powered resume sorting, onboarding checklist, welcome kit, Employee document sharing, automated emails and much more.

Talent management

Talent Management

Manage your talent requirements by accessing powerful tools like performance management systems, individual development plans, succession and merit planning and talent pool management with our all-in-one HR software in India.

Time and attendance

Time and Attendance

SimpliLite offers a complete HR solution that allows businesses to easily monitor and track Employee leave and attendance by totally automating the processes whilst offering the HR team an overview of the entire organisation’s leave history in one place.

Payroll, benefits and expenses

Payroll, Benefits and Expenses

Automate complex payroll workflows in minutes including time consuming processes like computing salaries and expenses, mapping benefits, triggering the payment cycle, generating payslips and adhering to statutory compliances with the best HR software by SimpliLite.

Rewards and recognitions

Rewards and Recognitions

Connect the dots of growth, alignment and goals against individual Employees to map performance and reward them via programs like peer to peer recognition, nomination based reward initiatives, etc.

Employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Our HR software comes with built-in modules like pulse surveys and polls, enterprise level social networks, organization calendars, and work and interest based groups that contribute towards driving Employee Engagement.

Core HR practices

Core HR Practices

The unified dashboard of SimpliLite’s HR solutions offers human resource teams to bring their core HR practices including organisation and functional design, employee lifecycle management, digitised workflows and permissions and access controls under a single umbrella.

People analytics

People Analytics

SimpliLite’s HR software offers a robust people analytics dashboard that includes tools like configurable reports, customizable dashboards for leadership, AI powered trends, predictions and much more.

Our HR software in India gives your business the competitive edge

SimplyLite’s offers the best HR software in India that streamlines HR workflows for your business Let your business benefit from a range of intuitive functionalities by integrating our HR Software.


Easy Implementation

With SimpliLite, you can have the HR Platform up and running not in months or weeks but in a matter of days. The technology is designed for seamless implementation and can be easily integrated with existing HR infrastructure.


Simple Integration

Our HR Software can help to enhance the productivity of the overall HR department and processes by integrating several core HR procedures, protocols as well as applications in a unified dashboard. Teams can access Slack, Gmail, Hubspot, Outlook, Zoom, and many others from a single platform.


Manager User Experience

SimpliLite’s complete HR Software delivers easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and flexible HR solutions that offer a positive user experience. It simplifies human interactions that deliver actionable insights to achieve strategic HR goals faster and smarter.


Data Security

Our platform complies with global industry standards and delivers end to end data security for all its products and services which is why it is trusted by industry leaders across the globe.


Highly Customized

We have the best HR Software in India that can be specifically tailored to your human resources needs. You can design and personalise almost every module as per your business requirements.

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