Give your business the HRIS Systems advantage

Complete employee information overview

Complete Employee Information overview

Easily collect, manage and store Employee Information including compensation, perks, attendance, and performance under a single roof.

Employee data management

Employee Data Management

Optimize workforce management when you access and manage Employee data from a centralized platform in combination with data automation.

Payroll & Compensation management

Payroll & Compensation Management

Streamline Employee compensation and benefits by tracking timesheets, calculating wages and taxes, and maintaining payroll records minus human error.

Attendance & Leave management

Attendance & Leave Management

Automate your manual attendance and leave tracking systems to review working hours, absences, sick days, and holidays for every Employee in one dashboard.

Recruiting and talent acquisition

Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Win the talent war and improve employee retention by streamlining Employee onboarding experience and keeping existing Employees engaged via a dedicated platform.

Rostering & shift management

Rostering & Shift Management

Upgrade manual processes of rostering and shift management for your workforce that drives overall employee performance and productivity.

Customizable & dynamic dashboard

Customizable & Dynamic Dashboard

Access a robust reporting dashboard that analyses employee performance and translates the data into impactful business insights.

Self-service benefits

Self-Service Benefits

Empower Employees with self-service benefits by enabling them to design their learning and development roadmap within the organization.

Our Human Resource Information System gives your business the competitive edge

SimplyHR’s Human Resource Management Information System is your ‘all in one’ platform that turns tedious HR tasks into a few simple clicks. Deploying our HRIS Systems offers a host of advantages for your business enterprise.


Easy Scalability

The platform can be easily integrated with existing HR systems and can be scaled up to match the evolving business needs. With centralized storage, the platform helps organizations to enhance functionality going forward.


No Heavy Investments

Our Human Resource Information System can be tailormade which means business enterprises do not have to invest in expensive infrastructure. The business can focus on minimizing paperwork by automating manual HR processes across the employee lifecycle.


Quick and Easy Access

Our user-friendly Human Resource Management Information System tool reduces human errors and enables access to employee data anytime, anywhere. The system can be easily deployed within hours and comes with end-to-end post-sales support and no hidden costs.


Saves Time and Effort

Organized and simple to use, the platform brings all your HR related processes and systems under a single umbrella that maximizes the productivity of human resource teams around the globe. Our HRIS Software offers access to accurate data in real-time.


Data Protection and Compliance

The Simpli HRIS System stores all confidential employee and company data in a secure space and makes sure that the organisation meets all the required regulatory compliances in a timely manner.

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