A symbol revered in India and across civilizations, the elephant is our Mascot. It embodies our philosophy in every element of its existence. The large head represents Inspiration and Big thinking that is the driving force of our team. Listening and drawing New Ideas constantly are at the core of our function as HR partners. The elephant’s big ears inspire these guiding principles for us. Its narrow eyes signify Concentration and extreme focus. For us that means our work ethic. We are here to learn and grow- its long nose implying inquisitiveness directs us towards curiosity, questioning and learning as we go along. The elephant’s small mouth is like our Mantra of Less words and more action. But its big body means it moves with responsibility like we do. Its small steps are giant strides that we at simplyHR believe in too- simple
steps yet High Impact.

Our mascot has defined our philosophy. We call him Simply!

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