It is quite common for HR Outsourcing companies to offer “Transactional” HR Outsourcing. However, there are scenarios where it makes sense for organizations to outsource the ‘Strategic’ HR since it is more effective – both economically and operationally. In simple words, HR Advisory outsourcing means outsourcing the role of Head of HR. The role as such is very specialised and requires a credible pedigree and proven track record. It is at this level organizations find it hard to recruit and retain the right talent within their budgets.

There is tremendous pressure to undertake cost cutting measures in combination with building stakeholder confidence, initiate market expansion strategies, reach more consumers and enhance overall agility in operations. It has become every organization’s objective to have the knowledge that will assist them to have a competitive edge through its workforce. The idea is to have employees with the right expertise without exceeding the company’s budget.

With our HR Advisory Services in Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore we bring on board an improved working world that helps in solving complex issues thereby capitalizing on forthcoming opportunities. This helps in the process of allowing our clients to grow, optimize and be able to protect their businesses. Our HR Advisory is designed to build an integrated strategy where its people are able to gain a competitive advantage through mentoring and training.

Our HR advisory services aim at offering specific strategic HR support to organizations by way of a non dedicated Sr. HR Specialist attached with your organization to strategise, lead and supervise overall HR operations and mentor your existing HR team members. This mechanism, therefore, means outsourcing the ‘brain’ of HR function and not the ‘hands and legs’ and thereby reducing the biggest cost component of HR without compromising on the overall productivity.

At SimplyHR, our focus is to strengthen your business by putting due emphasis on the value of your workforce, their roles and career progression. With a tested process in place, it leads to culture culmination with shared innovation. This allows a truly successful transformation geared to deliver performance oriented, long-lasting results.