Many organizations invest in creating a leadership pipeline that can address upcoming challenges. The focus for such a program comes from the top leader. However, today, across the globe we see a scarcity of effective leaders. Through structured and sustained leadership development initiatives and corporate mentorship programs, potential leaders in the companies can be taken to the next level of performance.

Leadership mentoring has been known to provide high performing employees with the platform that assists them in settling in their roles within the organizational environment. In addition to this, professional mentoring programs contribute to lower employee turnover, greater job satisfaction and are effective tools to achieving business results.

We at SimplyHR We at SimplyHR of working experience with several organizations from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and many more states, believe in connecting such potential leaders in an organization and take them through a series of leadership development programs that would untangle their hidden capabilities. Key elements of the leadership mentoring programs are reflective questioning, open dialogue, coaching strategies, guided reflection and focused learning conversations.

Such sets of leadership development programs are investments towards the future of the organisation and hence are long term in nature. Periodic feedback for such leaders helps them to stay focused on the path of their growth.