Statutory compliances are “basic hygiene” that an organization must ensure to follow. However, since this is not the core functional area, it often remains out of sight and therefore, incomplete. A proper statutory compliance under various relevant laws builds credibility of the employer and moreover helps in avoiding non-compliance issues – penalties, fines etc. which are more time consuming and expensive.

There are multiple labour laws in the country, where statutory compliance by the Indian organizations are mandatory. A significant amount of time needs to spend in order to ensure all outlined HR policies are compliant with these provisions.

Being one of the most experienced players in the human resource business, SimplyHR has created a reputation of maintaining a record of statutory compliance in HR in relation to both its employees and partner clients. Laying strong emphasis on Statutory Management and Statutory Compliance practices has led to the development of a highly supplicated and proven model designed to cater to large scale and diverse the necessities of our client, across all the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore.

The scope of this solution consists of a detailed audit process of the organization covering the statutory aspects – to find if the required statutory compliances regarding the remittances of dues, filing of challans, submission of returns and maintenance of records (as may be applicable to the organization under various labor laws / statutes) are being done properly. We also offer outsourcing solutions to manage various statutory compliances, thereby reducing the transactional load from your organization / HR team.