About the company

It was the beginning of an era for the now 3+ years-old FMCG player based in Bengaluru with a team-size of less than 100 members. t was the right to time not just to make their dream into a reality, but also to be a proud people-centric organization with a touch of technology by utilizing our HR web application- Simpli.


It was the need of the hour to have a smooth & interactive onboarding process in place, streamline the team’s databank & HR processes, and also to facilitate each team-member with a “simple” round-the-clock platform to record their attendance, leaves, expenses, reviews and other related daily needs.

What we offered

Simpli, along with a dedicated HR Support associate, joined the organization in its journey towards achieving its goals by supporting the HR function with its one-stop shop by facilitating onboarding, confirmation, leaves, attendance, expenses, performance appraisals and exits. It also serves as an interactive employee engagement platform by providing team celebration updates, surveys, quizzes and polls. Furthermore, with its customized reports, HR analytics has become simpler for the organization, thereby facilitating better, people-friendly HR planning & strategy for the team. The web application has proved to be an interactive and smart platform, which has been remarkably supporting employee engagement for the ever-growing team

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