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About the company

This 60 member client is a product based IT organization serving the hospitality industry (mainly the hotels across the globe) established since 2002 catering to clientele across globe, with a promising growth going in many folds.


As the organization grew, the stability among the team members became an issue as the attrition count started becoming high. There were no policies in place to support the fast growth & to provide framework to the organisation. Also, the motivation factor amongst the existing members was very low hence giving rise to a negative impact on the culture.

What we offered

SimplyHR came on board early 2012. A proper Diagnostic study was carried out ascertain the gap areas in HR. One immediate action was to review the HR policies and the Performance Management process. Both were refreshed thereby leading to a more structured people practices. The concept of variable pay got introduced thereby bringing in focus on performance linked pay. Towards the later years, the focus is on employment engagement and learning.

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