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About the company

A small knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) team had been building its way up to develop itself into the brand it has become today in the overseas market. They had just come out of an already established business to take up the challenge of growing as a world-class KPO player and began a new phase of hands-on with a blend of the older members and the new ones.


There was a dire need of setting up a whole new HR framework that would suit the cultural & HR process-related needs of the newly built organization. It was the perfect opportunity for SimplyHR to provide them an HR framework, striving towards maintaining the organization’s quality standards, with an approach of being people-centric and introduce effective policies & procedures for the team.

What we offered

One of SimplyHR’s partners, along with an associate, began thoughtfully knitting the HR framework step by step, not just developing and implementing employee-friendly policies and simple procedures for the team, but also, bringing them in tune with the organization’s desired culture of quality and simplicity. Transparency in the entire employee-lifecycle process and provision of remarkable benefits has made it even more comfortable for the team members to work together with the Company towards achieving their common goals. The two entities have been seamlessly working together like a single team raising the firm’s bar towards becoming one of the best organizations to work with.

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