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About the company

Delhi based 15-year-old law firm with branch offices across India had a headcount of around 100 people.


There was no one managing the HR responsibilities. The administration staff did all the HR related work. Since there was no one to manage the HR responsibilities, there were very few HR policies laid down in the firm. There was no induction done at the time of joining, leave data was not maintained, no HR database was maintained, personnel files were not maintained and updated, confirmation process was initially done at the discretion of the reporting partner and there was no process of recording the same, performance appraisal was not systematic, there was no process of feedback sharing, and no exit interviews were taken at the time of exit.

What we offered

After SimplyHR was engaged, we started with streamlining the HR practices. We initially worked on streamlining the recruitment process including revising the retainer agreement and personal information form. Now each new hire is given an induction at the time of joining to make them aware about the organization. We initiated the Campus hiring drive for building good talent pipeline. HR database started getting maintained and updated from time to time. New leave policy was implemented and leave records are being maintained in sync with the new policy. We implemented the Performance Appraisal process in a systematic manner, which emphasized on having feedback sessions between the appraiser and appraisee. Simultaneously we introduced new performance appraisal forms to record the ratings of the people. We introduced the format of exit in terviews to record the reasons for attrition. We are also working towards introducing various engagement activities for the team.

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