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Our Clients

SimplyHR is a dynamic and fast-growing HR solution provider to small and medium-sized companies in major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

The services provided by SimplyHR to its clients include HR Advisory, HR Outsourcing, HRMS tool, HR Audit, Talent Acquisition, Employee Learning, Compensation Benchmarking, Payroll management, and Statutory Compliance. We try and collaborate with our clients for designing and developing HR interventions so that they can focus on their core business challenges. We provide dedicated workmanship to our clients and focused strategies for balanced growth and enhanced output.

In our journey so far, we have managed to serve organizations across diversified industry domains. Here is a list of organizations with whom we have worked or are currently working on various HR Assignments and Services.

GSK - HR Services by SimplyHR
Bloomberg Quint - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Voylla - HR Services by SimplyHR
Jaypore - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Data Nova - HR Services by SimplyHR
The Quint - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Sona Group - HR Services by SimplyHR
Jumps Auto - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Metalman Mico Turner - HR Services by SimplyHR
New Holland - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Shaman Group - HR Services by SimplyHR
Environ Chemicals - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Gangwal Chemicals - HR Services by SimplyHR
Deoleo India - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Premas Biotech - HR Services by SimplyHR
Genesis Burson Marstellar - HR Services by SimplyHR
Client Associates - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
The little anarky - HR Services by SimplyHR
SC Vasudeva & Associates - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
National Herald - HR Services by SimplyHR
Confluence Consultants - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Celebi Cargo - HR Services by SimplyHR
Bagrrys India - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
IPSA Labs - HR Services by SimplyHR
Wings Pharma - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
Hindustan Times - HR Services by SimplyHR
Encore Capital - HR Consultancy by SimplyHR
ABC Consultants - HR Services by SimplyHR
SOIL Gurgaon
XISS Ranchi
Taxmann -HR Services by SimplyHR
Images Group
ALP Group
White Balance
Maruti Suzuki

For further HR assistance get in touch with us at contact@simplyhr.in
or call us at (+91)9650590202, 9650690202