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How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

Posted by on 25 Sep 2018

Happy employees are productive employees. While many may think that it takes a lot of planning to motivate, in reality, they are simple, step by step processes that do the trick.


Motivational Strategies For Employees

To get the maximum output, efficiency and productivity, here’s how to motivate employees in the workplace.


Give your motivational strategies for employees a jumpstart by making your co-workers, a part of your roadmap and vision. They should be knowledgeable about every twist and turn. Through a series of engaging meetings, step up trainings you can encourage your employees to be proactive in asking questions. The most important part of a manager’s role is to communicate with the team effectively. By sharing common goals through this continuous culture of meeting and communication can certainly drive revenue and business for the organization. This way, any project also becomes their baby, that they are willing to fight for.


As a manager, observe if your employees are feeling aimless. Are they without sufficient goals that can ensure measurable standards of performance? The best way to tackle a situation of non-performance or bad behavior is to provide instant feedback.Let them know how their actions are affecting the organization at large.

By outlining your expectations to your employees, it helps them to yield the desired performance. By explaining the impact of their contribution in solving critical problems and by extension, increasing the company’s advancement, employees will be more inclined towards adding value by stepping up their game.


There are several proven methods of motivating employees. A key element that has an overall effect on the teamis to be an unbiased and fair manager. If your team member or members have performed well, then be the first one to applaud on the results achieved. This is essential as it gives out a very positive message on how each employee’s contribution, regardless of any personal agendas with the manager, can still be taken in to account, to push the company forward.

On the other hand, if the performance has not been up to standards, any negative feedback should be shared in private with the concerned employee. While it is important for the employee to receive criticism from managers, such meetings should end on a positive note reinforcing the employee’s focus on things that they’ve done right.


Employees are keen to learn and remain relevant in the system. Therefore, why not use high impact story-telling of your successes in the workplace to keep them motivated. This can be a continuous form of coaching and leading that will also help your employees to grow with objectivity. While most employees have mastered the art of execution, what they lack is direction. Provide the right tools so that they can carry out their roles and responsibilities better. So, stop lecturing and start teaching.


It is unrealistic for a manager to expect of his employees to be as hard working or integrate the manager’s behavioral traits. This is the time when as a manager, you should lead by example. By displaying your excitement towards achieving the organizational goals, your employees too will work harder to achieve those goals.


Employees appreciate any praise that they receive from their managers. However, most can tell if the praise is sincere or not. Thus, as a manager, understand the significance of the praise that is due to an employee and dole it out in the right manner.

New employees may need to be praised and encouraged more frequently than seasoned employees. As a manager, ensure that the appreciation is given at the right time, in public, so that the employee gets the motivation to perform better.


By allowing your employees to have a say in what they do, works wonders towards boosting their confidence. All employees want to create an impact on the organization. By permitting them to ideate and innovate, you encourage efficiency and empowerment. It also makes them more accountable towards their roles and responsibilities. To top it all, if their ideas and suggestions are implemented by the organization, inspiration to better their existing performance will be free-flowing.


By taking the trouble to get to know your employeesbetter is a secret way of inspiring them. Employees expect that their managers be aware of their tendencies, attitudes and behaviors. The managers in turn can make work fun and exciting by spending quality time, and genuinely caring about their employees. By showing that you have their best interest at heart will make them go that extra mile.

It is ultimate trust that forms the basic foundation of the relationship between the employees and their manager. By trusting and believing in their potential, it is the biggest form of motivation that any manager can offer to their employees.

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